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Tahoe Auditorium
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Opening Remarks
Paddy Ramanathan and Anurag Singh
Founders, iValley Innovation Center
Featured Speaker - Keynote
FinTech: Fact or Fiction?
Andy Harmening - Vice Chairman for Consumer Banking - Bank of the West
Featured Speaker - Keynote
Big Data in Financial Services: From Hype to Real Value
Raymie Stata - CEO - Altiscale
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Featured Speaker - Keynote

Financial services companies are at the forefront of experimenting with Big Data. We are now at the point where real successes have been achieved, but real challenges still face technology teams. Raymie Stata, CEO of Altiscale and former CTO of Yahoo! will cover the current Big Data market landscape, a range of financial services success stories, and a view of how companies can overcome remaining Big Data challenges to capture real business value.

Digital - Digital Transformation in Financial Services
Balaji Yellavalli Head of Banking and FInTech at HCL.
Innovation - Enterprise and Ecosystem Innovation - NEXEN from BNY Mellon
Michael Gardner - MD Silicon Valley Innovation Center
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NEXEN consolidates BNY Mellon’s solutions, our clients’ own technology and third-party services onto an intuitive and powerful ecosystem with a single point of entry. NEXEN delivers a consistent client experience for BNY Mellon technology, regardless of product, service or region.

Featured Speaker - Insights on Payments Innovation
Eduardo Vergara, Head of Payments Services at Silicon Valley Bank in a fireside chat with Sanjay Mody iValley Innovation Center
Featured Speaker - Blockchain - Designing the Global fabric for finance
Kathleen Breitman, Strategy at R3CEV
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Blockchain - Designing the Global fabric for finance

How Bitcoin's blockchain distributed ledger technology will change capital markets and payments. Overview of R3's Corda platform and plans for the future.

Blockchain - Innovation in Blockchain distributed ledger
Panel Moderated by Eric Chan with CEO-BlockCyper, Founder-Lightning.Network, Partner-Shepperd Mullin and CEO-Skry.
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In this no holds bar discussion with some of the leading blockchain/IoT startups on topics ranging from use cases, permisionned and permisionless ledgers, to moving from POC to production:
Catheryne Nicholson, CEO, BlockCyper
Joseph Poon, Founder, Lightning.Network
Adam Ettinger, Partner, Shepperd Mullin
Fabio Federici, CEO, Skry

Digital - Digital Innovation: the Banker’s Viewpoint
Panel Moderated by Saurabh Kumar with First Republic Bank, Bank of the West and Bank of America.
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Discuss incumbents response to the rising trends of Digital business models in Banking From Digital banks for millenanials , Roboadvisors, Credit Marketplace and alternative credit decisioning engines - with Banking leaders.
Dheeraj Soni, Director Brokerage Technology at First Republic Bank,
Kaushal Pandia, Head of Digital Wealth Mgmt at Bank of the West,
Linda Haddad, Director of Digital Channel Integrations at Bank of America

Cool startups - Product overviews and demos
EmCee - Bob Sanguedolce
Presenting companies
Altia Systems
Big Data - AI and Big Data Analytics for Risk Management and AML
Panel Moderated by Graham Seel with CEO-Falkonry, CEO-Amberoon, CEO-BlackDiamond Risk and VP-Big Data Solution Engineering.
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Big Data

Big Data, AI and Risk Management leaders discuss AML and other risk management applications for AI-enabled Big Data Analytics
Nikunj Mehta, CEO, Falkonry
Shirish Netke, CEO, Amberoon
Bob Marks, CEO, BlackDiamond Risk
Rabi Kulshi, VP, Big Data Solution Engineering

Juniper Atrium
Keynote - JP Nicols
FinServ 25: The Most Influential Voices in Banking and Chairman of NextMoney
Bank Innovation - Your "fast follower" strategy is riskier than you realize
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Bank Innovation

Financial services companies are not bleeding edge pioneers for good reason. But how long is too long to wait to adopt new ideas and new technologies? If we wait too long can we ever catch up? Learn how to balance best practices with next practices to drive sustainable growth.

Fireside Chat with Noor Menai, President & CEO at CTBC Bank Corp. USA Interviewer - Denny Arar, Freelance Technology Journalist.
Featured Speaker
Tamara (Crow) deClercq - Bronze medalist Athens Olympics 2004
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Featured Speaker

Life Story of an olympics synchronized swimmer turned entrepreneur - Lessons learned - Hard work pays off!

Tahoe Auditorium
Tenaya Room
Shasta Room
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Innovation operating model in financial services
Panel Moderated by TM Ravi with Wells Fargo, Santander and Umqua Bank.
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Innovation operating model in financial services

Maturity models From scouting to accelerators to optimizing ideas to scale.
Nishant Usapkar, Wells Fargo Innovation
Brad Leimer, Head of FinTech Innovation, Santander
Oren Goldschmidt Pivotus Ventures (Umqua Bank Innovation)

Emerging payments and Digital Payments Innovation
Panel Moderated by Graham Seel
Discussion with Blackhawk Networks, Mastercard, HCL and Spend Labs.
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Emerging payments and Digital Payments Innovation

Is Uber a payments company that has made payments disappear? In this futuristic discussion, leading payment companies and experts talk about the changing landscape of emerging payments and digital innovation in payments
Salman Syed from Mastercard,
Sue Nallapeta from Blackhawk Networks
Marc B from HCL and
Tanuja Shukla from Spend Labs

Challenges and Opportunities in Big Data Analytics
Prasad Naik, Professor of Marketing at UC Davis Graduate School of Management
Financial services in a mobile first world - Digital marketing, payments and more.
Brad Murphy - FinTech Lead at Facebook
Competing in Digital Banking - SAP's Core banking and Digital banking suite
Carl Snyder, Banking Lead at SAP
Digital - Credit Unions Digital Transformation
Panel Moderated by Rajesh Patil with Bay Federal Credit Union, Technology Credit Union and PatelCO Credit Union.
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Digital - Credit Unions Digital Transformation

Conversation with leading credit unions on leveraging digital services to serve their members.
Ryan Cash, VP of Electronic Banking, Bay Federal Credit Union
Dean Davis, SVP of Information Technology, Technology Credit Union
Srividya Balaji, VP of Software Development, PatelCO Credit Union

APIs - Open APIs in Banking
Simon Redfern The Open Bank Project
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APIs - Open APIs in Banking

The Open Bank Project is an open source API and App store for banks that empowers financial institutions to securely and rapidly enhance their digital offerings using an ecosystem of 3rd party applications and services.

Early stage startup pitches
EmCee - Bob Sanguedolce
Ellen Salisbury, MD, Start Smart Labs
Som Das, Founder, BizAccelearator (former venture capitalist)
TM Ravi, MD, The Hive
Presenting companies
Reimu Commerce,
Closing Remarks - iValley Innovation Center and Partners
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Cocktail Reception - Lake side performance by Lonesome Locomotives